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Your net worth will ‘go crazy’ once you pass this money milestone — even Charlie Munger said you can ‘ease off the gas’ once you get there. Here’s the magic number and how to hit it

By GRA News Blog | March 29, 2024

Discover the millionaire club’s gateway for young Americans through the power of compounding. Learn the pivotal role of the first…

Medicare open enrollment starts soon. Here’s why you should pay attention

By GRA News Blog | November 8, 2021
medicare enrollment

KEY POINTS Medicare’s fall open enrollment period starts Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. This is generally for changes related to Medicare Advantage Plans…

Took Social Security Benefits Too Early? How to Undo It.

By GRA News Blog | November 5, 2021
social security building

Many older Americans who lost their jobs early in the pandemic and claimed Social Security benefits before reaching their full retirement age are now working…

How Much Emergency Savings Do Retirees Need?

By GRA News Blog | November 4, 2021
happy retired couple

While it doesn’t influence our opinions of products, we may receive compensation from partners whose offers appear here. We’re on your side, always. See our…

Social Security’s Rules on Spousal Benefits Can Be Tricky. Here Are Some Answers.

By GRA News Blog | November 3, 2021
social security file

Navigating the maze of rules that surround Social Security retirement benefits can be daunting. A good starting point for retirees and prospective retirees seeking to…

4 Financial Moves to Make Before Retiring

By GRA News Blog | November 2, 2021
seniors on bench at the beach

Make sure to check them off your to-do list. Key Points Retiring without evaluating your financial situation could result in disaster. Retirees could be faced…

You Can Claim Spousal Social Security Benefits—Even if You’re Divorced. Here’s How.

By GRA News Blog | November 1, 2021

A recent email raised a question that I’m sure is prominent in many minds: How can I claim Social Security benefits off my ex-spouse’s earnings record?…

Tax Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss Before the End of the Year

By GRA News Blog | October 29, 2021
connecting the dots

Many taxpayers will benefit from tax-loss harvesting this year, as well as changes in the rules around charitable giving To paraphrase an old saying, nothing…

10 Ways You Could Avoid the 10% Early Retirement Penalty

By GRA News Blog | October 28, 2021
penalty red card

You’ve saved diligently in your 401(k), and you wouldn’t mind tapping into it – but you’re not age 59½ yet, so you could have to…

You’re Being Robbed … You Just Don’t Know It

By GRA News Blog | October 27, 2021
taking money from someone's pocket

For retirees especially, inflation risk should always be a top concern in your financial plan. If you’re wondering whether you should be concerned about rising…

Don’t Let Social Security Steer You Wrong

By GRA News Blog | October 26, 2021
lady with dog

Few retirement decisions are as critical, or as easy to get wrong, as when and how to take your Social Security benefits. The rules can…