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The Top 10 HSA Misconceptions, And 2023 HSA Rules

By GRA News Blog | January 30, 2023

Most people do not mind paying their taxes, and over the long run, a healthy 401k or IRA portfolio will generally yield higher returns than…

Here’s how to pay 0% capital gains taxes with a six-figure income

By GRA News Blog | January 27, 2023

You’re probably familiar with the two tax rates for long-term capital gains, 15% and 20%. But there’s another rate that could lead to a 0%…

The 4% retirement spending rule may be too high. Could you get by on 1.9%?

By GRA News Blog | January 26, 2023

The original 4% rule was based on a number of unrealistic assumptions about the investor and retirement period, such as using an average life expectancy…

The Public Was Wrong About Social Security

By GRA News Blog | January 24, 2023

The mistake: Many of us are confused by the complex nature of Social Security benefits. We fail to understand how the system is working and…

If you’re ‘unretiring,’ review your Social Security benefits. There’s a ‘surprise that people may want to avoid’

By GRA News Blog | January 23, 2023

If you’re thinking about working, either part-time or full-time, and you’re already collecting Social Security retirement benefits, there are a few things you may want…

How millions of missing workers are making do without a job

By GRA News Blog | January 20, 2023

The job market has been great, with a steady drop in unemployment. However, according to this ABC News article, the numbers may be getting inflated…

Op-ed: Here’s a year-end checklist to help you navigate some complicated financial issues

By GRA News Blog | January 19, 2023

Are you ready for the upcoming year’s end? Review these three essential financial steps to help ensure that your finances are maintained, your investments are…

What Is Debt Consolidation, and Should I Consolidate?

By GRA News Blog | January 17, 2023

If you’re concerned about debt and want to find a way to reduce the stress and make it easier to pay down, debt consolidation might…

The 4% Rule for Retirement Spending Makes a Comeback

By GRA News Blog | January 16, 2023

Retirees are getting some good news: The 4% spending rule is back. Thanks to high inflation and volatile stock and bond markets, the traditional advice…

How to Decide if You Should Roll Over an Old 401(k) or Leave it Alone

By GRA News Blog | January 13, 2023

It’s no surprise that many Americans are job-hopping, but it is worrisome that some are sacrificing their retirement savings in pursuit of higher paychecks. Check…