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Your eligibility for a $1,400 stimulus check is based on your adjusted gross income—here’s how to calculate it

By GRA News Blog | March 4, 2021

While lawmakers have not yet agreed on the details of another coronavirus relief package, fresh $1,400 stimulus checks are expected to be included. For many Americans, eligibility for those relief payments may come down to a figure you hardly ever think about: your adjusted gross income. Whether or not you receive a payment depends on your…

Wednesday Q&A Should I use my 401k to pay off my rental property?

By GRA News Blog | March 3, 2021

Should I use my 401k to pay off my rental property? Gregory helps a caller who is thinking about dipping into his 401k to pay off his rental property to free up some monthly income. Do you have questions for Gregory? Press the ASK GREGORY below and your question could be featured next! ASK GREGORY We’re…

Problem Solved: PPP Recipients Can Deduct Payroll Expenses

By GRA News Blog | March 3, 2021

The controversy over the deductibility of payroll expenses by Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan recipients has finally been settled, less than a week before the end of the year. Deductibility is expressly provided for in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. That 5,500+ page legislation was passed by the House and the Senate on Monday, Dec. 21. President…

1 big reason you may want to wait to file your 2020 tax return

By GRA News Blog | March 2, 2021

Filing early will also return refunds quicker The IRS is urging taxpayers to file their returns as quickly as possible this year, which is normally sound advice, unless you fall into a specific group of individuals that may find themselves out of a stimulus check. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would potentially dole out an additional round of direct…

Want to Save More? Tap Some Funds Early? Here Are 3 Retirement Savings Tricks.

By GRA News Blog | March 1, 2021

Retirement savings accounts are governed by well-known rules on everything from income eligibility to contribution levels to the timing and size of withdrawals. But there are a number of financial-planning opportunities these accounts offer that often get overlooked because holders worry about taxes and penalties. While savers should be cautious about provisions that allow them…

Are annuities so bad? Why they are the right thing — for some investors

By GRA News Blog | March 1, 2021

Running out of money is the No. 1 retirement fear — annuities could help COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION Annuities are neither good nor bad.But you wouldn’t know that given how most people, including financial planners, react when the product is discussed as a potential part of a retirement plan. Such products, critics say, are nothing but…

How to Freeze Your Credit

By GRA News Blog | February 26, 2021

A lost wallet or data breach raises your risk of identity theft exponentially. If you’ve been the victim of one of these unfortunate scenarios, it’s a good idea to safeguard your personal information by freezing your credit. Credit freezes block unauthorized credit checks, which makes it difficult for criminals to open new accounts in your name and protects you…

Wednesday Q&A Financial Resolutions to help build your wealth

By GRA News Blog | February 24, 2021

New Year Financial Resolutions to help build your wealth Gregory gives you a list of financial resolutions to help build your wealth. Do you have questions for Gregory? Press the ASK GREGORY below and your question could be featured next! ASK GREGORY We’re Here to Help Have questions about this week’s content, or need help…

How Can I Minimize My Chances of an Audit?

By GRA News Blog | February 22, 2021

Worried about an IRS audit? Do these things, and you’re less likely to have your return flagged for one. The IRS audits less than 1% of tax returns, so your chances of having yours further examined are pretty low to begin with. But if you want to further minimize your chances of getting audited, here are…

People actually are happier when they make more money: Wharton study

By gregoryricks | February 19, 2021

Conventional wisdom suggests that “money can’t buy you happiness.” And well-known research from 2010 had shown that people tend to feel happier the more money they make only up until a point of about $75,000 a year. But according to a new study out of University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School, people’s well-being rises with…