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The 6 Biggest Issues with Early Retirement: Will These Happen to You?

By GRA News Blog | December 17, 2021

Ready to do everything you’ve never had time to do by retiring early? Consider these 6 pitfalls before you take the leap. When you’re slogging…

You May Be Shocked by the Average Social Security Benefit in 2022

By GRA News Blog | December 16, 2021

Key Points Average Social Security benefits are going up in 2022. The average Social Security benefit is still lower than you might expect. Most people…

The Best Reason of All to Postpone Retirement

By GRA News Blog | December 15, 2021

Everyone knows the financial arguments for why we should wait as long as possible to Social Security benefits: Your benefits increase by 8% for every…

How Everyday Decisions Affect Your Wealth, According to an Economist

By GRA News Blog | December 14, 2021

Annamaria Lusardi found that people with similar salaries throughout their careers retired with different levels of wealth When Annamaria Lusardi was a doctorate student studying…

The Gift-Tax Benefits of ‘529’ Plans

By GRA News Blog | December 13, 2021

Contributions to these state-sponsored education plans are considered gifts for tax purposes, up to a certain amount Many individual investors know that “529” plans are…

Contemplating Retirement Income? Start Here

By GRA News Blog | December 10, 2021

Nonportfolio strategies can deliver have a big payoff for retirees’ plans. Our recent research on withdrawal rates drew a sobering conclusion: Because of low bond yields…

New Standard Deduction And Higher New Tax Brackets For 2022

By GRA News Blog | December 9, 2021

Higher tax brackets and a larger standard deduction in 2022 may offer some relief for taxpayers who are seeing their budgets busted by inflation. The…

It’s Not Too Late to Make These 4 Retirement Moves

By GRA News Blog | December 8, 2021

You can still improve your financial security in retirement, no matter how old you are. Financial decisions you make throughout your life can shape your…

Want in on the great retirement boom? Here are the five things you should know.

By GRA News Blog | December 7, 2021

Early retirement sounds tempting, but the math can be a major reality check I laughed when my daughter recently said she was ready to retire.…

8 Signs You Need to Fatten Your Emergency Savings

By GRA News Blog | December 6, 2021

Did you know that nearly three times as many Americans report having less in emergency savings than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic? That’s according…