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3 Drawbacks of Using Only a 401(k) for Retirement

By GRA News Blog | October 20, 2021
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Key Points You are paying fees in your 401(k), and those fees are reducing your investment returns. Some 401(k)s have great investment menus, and others…

Should You Sign Up for Social Security at 65?

By GRA News Blog | October 19, 2021

You may want to claim benefits at 65, but here’s how to know if that’s the right choice. Key Points Many retirees rely heavily on…

Tax Planning Opportunities You Might Not Be Aware Of

By GRA News Blog | October 18, 2021

To save on taxes over all your years, not just right now, try these four different strategies. Tax planning is not just an opportunity to…

House Democrats’ tax proposal may affect life insurance for the rich

By GRA News Blog | October 15, 2021
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KEY POINTS Many wealthy Americans hold life insurance in grantor trusts to reduce the size of their taxable estate at death. That type of planning…

Social Security benefits to increase 5.9% for 2022

By GRA News Blog | October 14, 2021
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Increase in payments for seniors and other Americans reflects surging inflation during pandemic Seniors and other Americans receiving Social Security benefits in 2022 will see…

The Biggest Mistakes People Make With IRA Rollovers

By GRA News Blog | October 14, 2021

With Covid-triggered changes in the economy and more people taking early retirement or changing jobs, there has been a surge in rollovers from 401(k)s to…

Wednesday Q&A Should I leave an inheritance for my children?

By GRA News Blog | October 13, 2021

Should I leave an inheritance for my children? A Winning at Life caller says that he will not leave an inheritance for his children. Find…

Here are the changes that could be coming to your Social Security benefits

By GRA News Blog | October 13, 2021
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KEY POINTS While debt ceiling talks have put Social Security payments in the news, one topic that’s been put on the back burner is a…

3 Ways to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

By GRA News Blog | October 12, 2021

Understanding how your Social Security benefits are calculated is a critical component of knowing how and when to claim for maximum payout. The cost of…

Why You Should Check Your Social Security Earnings Records Every 1 to 3 Years

By GRA News Blog | October 11, 2021

Beyond waiting as long as possible up to age 70 to claim Social Security or claiming spousal benefits to maximize payments, there is one simple…