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The IRS Proposed Regulations Won’t Solve Your RMD Problems

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 18, 2019 | Comments Off on The IRS Proposed Regulations Won’t Solve Your RMD Problems

GETTY Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are the bane of many IRA owners. The IRS recently issued proposed regulations that reduce the pain somewhat, but not a meaningful amount for those with significant IRAs. You need to consider other actions to solve the RMD problems. IRA owners older than age 70½ must begin taking RMDs no…

Medicare Open Enrollment is Here: Are You Covered for 2020?

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | December 6, 2019

Each year, we urge you to review your Medicare coverage to ensure it’s still the right plan for you. Your needs may have changed, and the Medicare plan you’re on may have changed. Either way, it’s smart to review your plan to ensure you’re on the best plan for you. This is the time of…

I raised 2 successful CEOs and a doctor—here’s one of the biggest mistakes I see parents making

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | December 4, 2019

It’s rather strange to be a “famous” parent and have your family profiled on the cover of magazines. I certainly don’t claim all the credit for their successes, but all three have turned out to be accomplished, caring and capable people. Susan is the CEO of YouTube, Janet is a professor of pediatrics, and Anne…

How Retirement Communities Work

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | December 3, 2019

BY AMY FONTINELLE Choosing a retirement community is a big decision. Your choice will affect your – or your loved one’s – finances, quality of life, and in many cases, health and longevity. Here’s an overview of the four main types of retirement communities, how they work, and their approximate cost. Independent Living Also called senior…

Watch this little girl’s VERY big dog wait with her for the school bus

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | December 2, 2019

While she waits for the school bus each morning, this little girl has a loyal companion – an English mastiff named Gordon. TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has your Morning Boost.

Millennials Want to Retire Too. Here’s How.

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 28, 2019

Yes, millennials have special challenges, but there’s a way. Here’s some tough-love advice on money and life for millennials from a CPA who is also a millennial himself well on his way to financial independence. Getty Images Millennials, such as myself, seem to be known the world over for our poor choices, efforts to alter…

4 Ways Technology Can Make You Happier

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 27, 2019

How to use the Internet and social media to support your happiness and health. Source: Pixabay These days, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about how technology is ruining everything, including our happiness. There is some truth to this, but it’s not the whole story. Technology can be bad for us—for example, when social media gives us FOMO (fear of missing…

Wealthy score estate tax win, large gifts won’t lose Trump tax benefit in 2026

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 26, 2019

Increased exemption amounts are scheduled to expire in 2025. By Brittany De LeaFOXBusiness 2020 Dems’ tax hikes would cost 413,000 jobs: Study National Taxpayers Union senior fellow Mattie Duppler and Republican Maryland congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik analyze 2020 Democratic candidates’ economic plans and how they would impact U.S. employment numbers. Watch the latest video at…

Here’s how online scammers prey on older Americans

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 26, 2019

Here’s how online scammers prey on older Americans, and what they should know to fight back Elderly individuals are more likely to be targeted by online financial fraud, and when they lose money, it’s a higher amount than average, according to researchers. An Aspen Institute Tech Policy Hub study recently tackled the issue of how…

Robocall Scams Exist Because They Work—One Woman’s Story Shows How

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 25, 2019

A caller impersonating an FBI agent persuaded Nina Belis to drain close to $340,000 from her bank accounts The FBI agent sounded official on the phone. He gave Nina Belis his badge number and a story about how her identity had been compromised. She gave him her life’s savings. For most Americans, robocalls are an annoyance.…

Beware of Black Friday email scams, say experts

By Gregory Ricks & Associates | November 25, 2019

Fake websites, fake products and fake apps are ready and waiting to snag shoppers this holiday season, according to experts.  “Every year at this time, email-based scams rise to a fever pitch,” Dave Baggett, co-founder and CEO of the anti-phishing startup Inky, told Fox News. One reason scams are so prolific is, Baggett said, bad guys keep churning out…



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