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51% of Older Workers Could Get $2,000 or Less From Retirement Savings

By GRA News Blog | March 11, 2022

Are you one of them? In these times, Social Security benefits do not provide enough income to get you through your retirement years. This Motley…

Annuity Payments Don’t Make Your Retirement: They Make It Better

By GRA News Blog | March 10, 2022

Answers to frequently asked questions about how annuities work, what they can do for retirees, how they are taxed and how inflation affects them. Annuities…

Getting Ready for a Tough Tax Season

By GRA News Blog | March 9, 2022

The pandemic may have made filing your taxes more complicated for the 2022 season. Do you have all the information needed to file this year?…

Which Tax Documents Should I Save, Which Should I Shred?

By GRA News Blog | March 8, 2022

You’ll need supporting documents in case you’re audited, but you don’t need to save them forever. With some changes coming in this 2022 tax season,…

Retirees: Go Ahead and Spend More in the Go-Go Years

By GRA News Blog | March 7, 2022

To have a happy, successful retirement, you need to do more than maximize your return on investment, you need to maximize your return on time.…

The WSJ Tax Guide 2022: What to Know Now About Tax Filing and Refunds

By GRA News Blog | March 4, 2022

Taxpayers will have to grapple with new rules for stimulus payments and child tax credits We’re in the middle of tax season. Have you prepared…

Go Ahead, Retire at 62 and Claim Social Security at 67. Your Benefit Will Climb.

By GRA News Blog | March 3, 2022

With a change in retirement age, will there be a change in your income? Barron’s wrote an article addressing all these needs and more!  …

Social Security retirement age stops changing in 2022: What to know

By GRA News Blog | March 2, 2022

New full retirement age is 67 for anyone born after 1960 Are you one of roughly 70 million people affected by a change in retirement…

RMDs: An IRS Change is Making Them Smaller in 2022

By GRA News Blog | February 23, 2022

The way you calculate your required minimum distribution just changed, and if you don’t need the money for living expenses, that could be good news…

For Widows: 3 Life-Changing Financial Resolutions

By GRA News Blog | February 22, 2022

Build your confidence along with your balance sheet by following these three financial resolutions just for widows. Learn how to be confident in your own…