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Top economist Mohamed El-Erian says inflation ‘will be sticky’ and utters the words nobody wants to hear: ‘Entrenched’ and ‘broad-based’

By GRA News Blog | September 22, 2022

What is one word that you can’t seem to go one day without hearing? Inflation. According to this Fortune article,…

Wealthy score estate tax win, large gifts won’t lose Trump tax benefit in 2026

By GRA News Blog | November 26, 2019

Increased exemption amounts are scheduled to expire in 2025. By Brittany De LeaFOXBusiness 2020 Dems’ tax hikes would cost 413,000 jobs: Study National Taxpayers Union senior…

Here’s how online scammers prey on older Americans

By GRA News Blog | November 26, 2019
learning about scams

Here’s how online scammers prey on older Americans, and what they should know to fight back Elderly individuals are more likely to be targeted by…

Robocall Scams Exist Because They Work—One Woman’s Story Shows How

By GRA News Blog | November 25, 2019

A caller impersonating an FBI agent persuaded Nina Belis to drain close to $340,000 from her bank accounts The FBI agent sounded official on the…

Beware of Black Friday email scams, say experts

By GRA News Blog | November 25, 2019
black friday craze

Fake websites, fake products and fake apps are ready and waiting to snag shoppers this holiday season, according to experts.  “Every year at this time, email-based…

We bought a $1 house in Italy. Here’s what happened next

By GRA News Blog | November 22, 2019
italian living

(CNN) — It seemed like a deal too good to be true. A new house — and potentially a whole new life — for sale…

Instead of fearing memory loss as you age, take action to keep your brain sharp

By GRA News Blog | November 21, 2019
eating out

Do you forget what you walked into the bedroom to get? One of the most common fears people have as they grow older is losing…

Stop Crying About Millennials They Are Our Future, In Five Ways

By GRA News Blog | November 20, 2019
work on lunch

  Michael Gale ContributorThought LeadersContributor Group  WSJ bestseller, A.I. influencer, podcast host about the world in 2030. Millennials. Has there been a generation so misunderstood or…

Top 10 Benefits of Charitable Giving and Donations

By GRA News Blog | November 19, 2019

The fact that charitable giving can help reduce your tax burden is well known, especially if you’re in a high bracket. But the benefits of giving extend…

The IRS Proposed Regulations Won’t Solve Your RMD Problems

By GRA News Blog | November 18, 2019

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are the bane of many IRA owners. The IRS recently issued proposed regulations that reduce the pain somewhat, but not a…

November 2019 Newsletter

By GRA News Blog | November 15, 2019