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How to pay for healthcare costs in retirement

By GRA News Blog | April 13, 2021

Stop focusing on the big, scary numbers As retirement risks go, it’s one of the more impossible to manage and mitigate. Or is it? For years now, firms in the financial services industry, as well as researchers, have been scaring preretirees into thinking they need an ungodly amount of money set aside at age 65…

Winning at Life: I need Gregory's Opinion on this Annuity

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

Anna in Mandeville isn’t so sure about the annuity she’s being offered. It sounds pretty good, but it’s always smart to get a second opinion. Better Call Gregory!

Winning at Life: Which Loan Should I Pay Off First?

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

On Winning at Life, Matthew from Bush, Louisiana asks Gregory Ricks’ advice on which loan he should pay off first. He’s a college student with two student loans, and needs a second opinion on how to get out of debt quickest.

Winning at Life: Is This Annuity Is Right for Me?

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

Gregory Ricks and James Parker help Anthony from Houma, Louisiana find out if the annuity he is being offered is the right one for him on Winning at Life.

Winning at Life: Should I pay off this low rate mortgage balance with my savings?

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

Mike in Ocean Springs, MS calls into Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks to ask if he should pay off the remainder of the balance on his mortgage loan that has a rock bottom interest rate, or invest that money elsewhere?

Winning at Life: a real estate flip horror story

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

On Winning at Life, Gregory and James hear about a real estate flip gone wrong from Traci, a partner of the Realty firm Dwell Nola. Real Estate investing can be a profitable venture, but most people who don’t get properly educated get their clocks cleaned. Real Estate is not for the faint of heart.

Important Ages in Retirement Planning

By Gregory Ricks | June 8, 2017

With each passing year comes increased responsibilities. As one accumulates more responsibilities, that individual needs to ask the important questions such as “[h]ow can I ensure that I live responsibly so that my future is as comfortable as possible? ” and [w]hat age is best to start planning accordingly for my future?”.  Other important factors…

The Ricks Report – June 5, 2017

By Gregory Ricks | June 6, 2017

­­­­­­­­ The Ricks Report June 5, 2017      Numbers of $ignificance THE VERY WEALTHY – The top 0.1% of US taxpayers (i.e., top 1 out of every 1,000 taxpayers) paid 19.9% of all federal income tax for the 2014 tax year (source: Internal Revenue Service). THE LATEST FORECAST – The 10-year budget forecast released by the…

3 Ways to Decimate a Retirement Account in a Flash

By Gregory Ricks | June 1, 2017

  When approaching retirement, it is important to plan accordingly. If you are unsure of how to properly manage the funds in your retirement account, then be sure to read about these three common mistakes. Reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. 1) Missing the 60-day Rollover Window If you want to move your…

June 2017 Newsletter

By Gregory Ricks | June 1, 2017

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Winning at Life: What Should I Do With My 401k Money?

By Gregory Ricks | May 31, 2017

On Winning at Life with Gregory Ricks, Gregory and James answer questions from viewers on Periscope who are asking common questions about what to do with the money in your 401k. Where do I put it in the market? How much do I put in the market? How do I know if I’m getting killed…