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‘The buildings don’t go away … but the owners do’: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger warn that a storm is brewing in the US real estate market — here’s where they’ll seek refuge

By GRA News Blog | December 4, 2023

Commercial real estate concerns escalate as Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner, foresees a looming storm that could engulf banks and…

Here’s What a $5 Million Retirement Looks Like in America

By GRA News Blog | September 11, 2023

Retirement tranquility seems to be elusive, yet $5 million could provide a semblance of security. Nevertheless, this substantial sum is a rarity, with most Americans…

New Tax Rules Can Save You Thousands on Home Renovations

By GRA News Blog | September 8, 2023

Through a federal program initiated by the Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners can anticipate saving thousands on upgrades. Ranging from individual items to significant energy reduction…

I’ve Been a Retirement Planner for 17 Years—Here Are the 18 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make

By GRA News Blog | September 7, 2023

With about 80% of financial planning focusing on optimizing earnings, enhancing savings, and effective budgeting, the prospect of a satisfying and healthy retirement is achievable—provided…

Three Reasons to Claim Social Security as Soon as You Retire: Why Wait?

By GRA News Blog | September 4, 2023

When it comes to the decision of when to start Social Security benefits, the choice between immediate or delayed payout may appear straightforward, yet it’s…

Finding a financial adviser is like dating — you don’t need to stick with the first person you meet

By GRA News Blog | September 1, 2023

Similar to relationships, the first choice might not be the perfect match. This week’s retirement tip underscores the importance of thorough research and assessing compatibility…

The five biggest things that confuse Americans about retirement

By GRA News Blog | August 31, 2023

A new survey by Charles Schwab reveals that Americans aim for a $1.8 million retirement fund, but many lack clarity on savings targets and investment…

5 Ways That Buying a Car Has Drastically Changed

By GRA News Blog | August 29, 2023

Over the past three years, factory closures, parts scarcities, and deserted dealership lots have reshaped the landscape. As the industry weathered these challenges, adaptations in…

The average retiree spends $4,345 on monthly expenses — and burns 75% of that on these 4 things. How does your own spending stack up?

By GRA News Blog | August 28, 2023

Bureau of Labor Statistics data discloses that individuals aged 65 and up earn an average pre-tax income of $55,335 annually, spending $52,141 yearly. With an…

High-Earning Retirement Savers Are Losing Some of Their 401(k) Tax Break

By GRA News Blog | August 26, 2023

As millions brace for the impending change, savers aged 50 and above are facing the discontinuation of a familiar tax advantage – catch-up contributions to…

Axios-Ipsos poll: Retirement out of reach

By GRA News Blog | August 25, 2023

Retirement Ambitions and Savings Struggles: A new Axios-Ipsos poll highlights that despite the widespread desire to retire, only half of Americans feel financially capable of…