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Your net worth will ‘go crazy’ once you pass this money milestone — even Charlie Munger said you can ‘ease off the gas’ once you get there. Here’s the magic number and how to hit it

By GRA News Blog | March 29, 2024

Discover the millionaire club’s gateway for young Americans through the power of compounding. Learn the pivotal role of the first…

Warren Buffett ‘Doesn’t Think College Is For Everyone’ — Here’s Why

By GRA News Blog | December 12, 2023

Warren Buffett’s academic journey: The legendary investor attended college twice, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska after transferring from…

Could an In-Service Distribution From Your 401(k) Work for You?

By GRA News Blog | December 11, 2023

Could you unlock financial flexibility with an in-service distribution – a potentially rewarding money move often overlooked in retirement planning. How do you determine if…

Do I need a financial advisor to achieve financial freedom?

By GRA News Blog | December 8, 2023

From saving for retirement to purchasing a home or funding your children’s education, achieving major financial milestones can be challenging. Enter the financial advisor –…

3 Huge Social Security Changes Coming in 2024 That May Surprise You

By GRA News Blog | December 7, 2023

Social Security, a crucial income source for many Americans, demands attention. Millions, including retired workers, spouses, survivors, and disabled individuals, rely on its financial support.…

8 Ways to Keep Learning After 50

By GRA News Blog | December 5, 2023

Unlock your potential at any age! Whether it’s painting, knitting, or mastering a new language, it’s never too late to embark on a journey of…

You might have unclaimed retirement benefits. How to find them.

By GRA News Blog | December 5, 2023

Unraveling a retirement mystery: The Social Security Administration flags a potential 401(k) account from 1992 for your wife. If there’s no recollection of cashing out,…

‘The buildings don’t go away … but the owners do’: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger warn that a storm is brewing in the US real estate market — here’s where they’ll seek refuge

By GRA News Blog | December 4, 2023

Commercial real estate concerns escalate as Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner, foresees a looming storm that could engulf banks and ripple through the broader market.…

Most Seniors Will Need Long-Term Care. Here’s How to Save for It.

By GRA News Blog | December 1, 2023

Picture this: 80% of homes in your neighborhood vulnerable to storm damage, yet less than 4% insured. A striking parallel to the unpreparedness in long-term…

Excited to take Social Security at 62? Slow down — here are 5 top reasons claiming your benefits at such a young age is a bad idea

By GRA News Blog | November 29, 2023

Considering claiming Social Security benefits at 62? While it might seem tempting to access the money you’ve been contributing through payroll taxes, waiting could result…

All taxpayers should do this as soon as possible, IRS advises

By GRA News Blog | November 27, 2023

The IRS adds a year-end task to your to-do list: Review your tax withholdings promptly. To prevent surprises when filing returns next year, taxpayers are…