IRA Calculation Errors

calculating things

Five things that people get wrong about retirement arithmetic. There is something about retirement that leaves investors in an arithmetic fog. Maybe it’s the marginal tax rate or the compounding or the deferral that gets their numbers all jumbled up. Here are five things that people get wrong about IRAs and 401(k)s, usually because they…

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5 Big Issues Facing Your IRA (And How To Resolve Them)

issues and IRA

It’s that time of year when, if you’re like most people, you begin to once again turn your attention to your IRA. The year-end statements are starting to trickle in, so you might feel the urge to re-evaluate things and perhaps make some changes. But, do you really know what you should be looking at?…

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Rule 72(t) Can Let You Tap Retirement Accounts Early Without Penalty. Should You?

retirement accounts

Traditional individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s have stiff penalties for withdrawals made before age 59½, so some financial pros suggest people planning to retire in their 30s through early 50s consider limiting contributions to those accounts in favor of more-liquid options, Barron’s Retirement reported in the most recent On FIRE column. However, there is a penalty-free…

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Opinion: How to make sure your spouse gets your retirement savings when you die

spousal retirement

Make no mistake: There are differences between IRA and 401(k) beneficiaries If you designate beneficiaries for your retirement accounts, that’s usually a surefire way to pass those assets directly to your desired heirs without going through probate—but not always. Because those beneficiary designations are so important, you should verify your choices every year in case there’s a…

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5 reasons your credit score still matters in retirement

credit score

Relaxing in retirement doesn’t mean you should get lax with your score. When you’re starting out, your credit score has a big impact on your financial health. It directly affects your ability to get a credit card or a loan, and it’s the first thing lenders check when you apply for a mortgage. But what if you’re…

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You Can’t Even Begin to Plan for Retirement Without This Number


One of the hardest truths of retirement planning is that you’re never going to get it right. Just like today’s retirees never could’ve foreseen the pandemic and recession we’re currently living through, there will be surprises that come up for you in your senior years, some of which may cost you a lot of money…

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Self-Employed? Here’s What You Need To Know About Retirement Planning

self employed

In 2019, more than 16 million American workers were self-employed. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced even more Americans to become their own bosses. Although there are positives to building your own business, juggling the responsibilities that come with it can make it difficult to plan for retirement. There are many reasons retirement plans are often pushed…

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Retirement in Brief: A Memory-Loss Trap to Avoid, a Call for National Savings Dashboard, and an Idea to Lessen Longevity Risk


Americans should have access to a free website that tracks all of their retirement benefits, including Social Security, employer-sponsored savings plans, and individual retirement accounts, according to a new paper from the Brookings Institution. In a separate paper, the nonprofit public-policy organization says that “tontines” should be explored as potential savings vehicles for retirement. Meanwhile,…

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Top 8 Year-End Tax Tips

tax time

Don’t miss these top 8 year-end tax tips to maximize your tax refund or minimize the taxes you owe. Act before Dec. 31 to increase your tax breaks Whether you are having a good year, rebounding from recent losses, or still struggling to get off the ground, you may be able to save a bundle…

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