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Are You Feeling SECURE about Retirement?

The SECURE Act has changed a lot of the retirement rules we’ve been living by for years. Take a look at the most significant changes and see how you might be affected. Like most legislation these days, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act of 2019 has some good changes and some…

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Wednesday Q&A – What should I be doing during this market downturn?

What should I be doing right now during this market downturn? First things first, don’t panic. There are resources to help you stabilize your retirement income avenues. Here are three things you should consider doing when the market is declining: 1. SCHEDULE A RISK EXPOSURE REVIEW: This review will tell you just how much of…

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Worried about a recession?

Recent fears of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has the American people and the markets on edge. We’ve seen significant market dips as the world tries to get a grasp on the situation, and the ongoing uncertainty and unending media coverage can make even the most confident individuals start to be concerned whether a recession is…

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Beware Scam Robocalls, Texts Tied to COVID-19 Outbreak

FCC launches web page with coronavirus fraud safety tips Scammers out to make a quick buck during the coronavirus pandemic are using robocalls to tout bogus cures and fake test kits, the federal government warns. The illicit conduct — which also includes text messaging — has bad actors preying on people’s fears while anxiety over COVID-19 is…

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Wednesday Q&A – What is the 50-50-50-50 strategy?

What is the 50-50-50-50 strategy? A comprehensive financial plan using our 50-50-50-50 strategy puts protections in place to help safeguard against various types of downturns in the market. Subject to your risk number, when you are properly blended in the 50-50-50-50 strategy, 75 percent of your assets would be correlated to the upside of stocks and…

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A Pandemic Is Not the Time to Sever the Ties That Bind Generations

An Influencer in Aging on unity during the time of COVID-19 It’s too early to know if social isolation or the coronavirus (COVID-19) will kill more older adults in the long run. A heightened awareness of how a lack of social connection negatively impacts individuals as they age, and their networks diminish, has fueled a significant interest…

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When market drops, play long game with retirement savings

The stock market went on a punishing roller coaster ride this week, suffering its largest one-day drop in more than 30 years Thursday on concerns that the spread of COVID-19 will hit the global economy hard   FILE – In this Thursday, March 12, 2020, file photo, a board above the trading floor of the…

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How to Pay Off Your Debt in Retirement

7 ideas to get that albatross off your neck Credit: Adobe While stepping into retirement might mean walking away from a job, many Americans are dragging financial baggage into this next stage: debt. In recent years, the amount of debt retirees carry has grown, and the numbers are troubling from both a monetary and emotional…

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