Bonds Are Sending a Message: Inflation Is Coming

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The stock market has been the path to wealth for generations of American families. That’s even though only about half of them have shares; in fact, the richest 1% of U.S. households account for more than half of the equities ownership, according to Federal Reserve data. In most cases, the route that has been taken…

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The GameStop stock frenzy, explained

game stop

How a bunch of Redditors made GameStop’s stock soar, much to the chagrin of the hedge funds attempting to short it. By Emily  Updated Jan 27, 2021, 11:49am EST Who knew the first big 2021 stock market story would be … GameStop? But here we are. There’s been a boom in day trading and individual investing over the past…

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The Fed Could Start Pulling Back on Support Next Year. What That Means for Stocks.

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As the economy heats up, the Federal Reserve may start reducing the size of its bond-buying program, removing one layer of stock-market support. In the Fed’s December minutes, released this week, Federal Open Market Committee members highlighted the economy’s recent strength, saying that it has shown “resilience in the face of the pandemic.” The economic recovery…

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How concerned investors should be about Biden’s tax proposals


Stocks and taxes: What’s going to happen? The Democrats’ control of Congress is shining a new spotlight on Biden’s tax proposals, particularly those that would affect stocks and bonds. While Biden has repeatedly said he would not raise taxes on Americans earning less than $400,000 a year, he has proposed: 1) raising the marginal income tax…

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Kevin O’Leary: ‘Day trading isn’t investing. It’s gambling’ – invest like Warren Buffett instead

day trading

Throughout the pandemic, day trading has become extremely popular, especially among young people who, in most cases, have never invested in the stock market before. Coronavirus-induced lockdowns provided some with more time on their hands to try trading apps, like Robinhood, which are seeing a surge in business; millions of Americans are unemployed and may think it is a way to make up for lost income; and a…

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How to Invest Successfully for Retirement in 3 Easy Steps

checking in on financials

How to Invest Successfully for Retirement in 3 Easy Steps You’ll often hear about the importance of saving for retirement. But saving is only part of the picture. You’ll also need to invest your savings appropriately to ensure that your money grows into a substantial enough sum to sustain you as a senior. In order…

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Jeff Bezos on why you should trust your gut, not data


Amazon takes pride in its ruthless efficiency: fast delivery, a gigantic variety of products, and demanding work culture. But efficiency isn’t the key to Amazon’s success. During an interview at the Economic Club of Washington, Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said: “I believe in the power of wandering. All of my best decisions in business and in life…

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An Investing Road Map for Retirees


For people in drawdown mode, tips on asset allocation, Social Security, annuities, withdrawal rates, and more. Even retirees who are seasoned investors will tell you that transitioning from accumulating to spending from their portfolios is a challenge. The “right” withdrawal strategy seems to be a moving target. Devising an asset-allocation plan that balances safety and…

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