3 Reasons I Won’t Invest Like Warren Buffett

Originally appearing in Motley Fool, this op-ed discusses why investing like Warren Buffett may not be feasible for everyone.   Enjoy this complimentary download: By submitting your contact information, you consent to be contacted regarding retirement income strategies that utilize investments and insurance products. Source Article: https://www.crossroadstoday.com/i/3-reasons-i-wont-invest-like-warren-buffett/ Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of…

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A Crash Is Coming for Meme Stocks, ‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Says

Long before retail investors on Reddit flooded online forums theorizing about GameStop, investor Michael Burry spotted an out-of-favor stock that was misunderstood. Now, Burry says he sees shades of 1999 and 2007—periods of other market frothiness. “I don’t know when meme stocks such as this will crash, but we probably do not have to wait too long, as I…

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How to Know When Inflation Is Here to Stay


Inflation is here already, and in the long run there is a lot of upward pressure on prices. But between now and then lies a big question for investors and the economy: Is the Federal Reserve right to think that the price rises we’re seeing now are temporary and will abate by next year? Some at the…

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Retiring soon? Why the popular 4% withdrawal rule may be a bad idea

financial retirement planning for married couples

A booming stock market and high long-term unemployment among seniors may lead some Americans to consider retirement. But market peaks are generally the riskiest time to retire, according to researchers. Of course, it’s impossible to tell when another pullback will occur. Those who do retire may want to reconsider adhering to the 4% rule for…

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New Investors Discover Tax Pitfalls of Robinhood and Other Trading Apps

trading apps

Common tax-minimizing strategies are difficult or impossible to implement on the trading platforms that have boomed in popularity in the past year Last year Dayton Leong, an active trader with accounts at nine firms, made scores of trades using the Robinhood app. He liked the free stocks he got from referring more than a dozen…

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Wednesday Q&A Is it ever a good idea to buy a falling stock?

Is it ever a good idea to buy a falling stock? Gregory gives his take on that question in this Winning at Life segment. Do you have questions for Gregory? Press the ASK GREGORY below and your question could be featured next! ASK GREGORY We’re Here to Help Have questions about this week’s content, or…

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