Are annuities so bad? Why they are the right thing — for some investors

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Running out of money is the No. 1 retirement fear — annuities could help COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION Annuities are neither good nor bad.But you wouldn’t know that given how most people, including financial planners, react when the product is discussed as a potential part of a retirement plan. Such products, critics say, are nothing but…

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Wednesday Q&A How does the surrender period on annuities work?

How does the surrender period on annuities work? On an episode of the Ask Gregory Podcast, Gregory helps a caller figure out how the surrender period works on a fixed annuity she recently opened. Do you have questions for Gregory? Press the ASK GREGORY below and your question could be featured next! ASK GREGORY We’re Here to…

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An Investing Road Map for Retirees

For people in drawdown mode, tips on asset allocation, Social Security, annuities, withdrawal rates, and more. Even retirees who are seasoned investors will tell you that transitioning from accumulating to spending from their portfolios is a challenge. The “right” withdrawal strategy seems to be a moving target. Devising an asset-allocation plan that balances safety and…

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Wednesday Q&A When should annuities be used?

When should annuities be used? Gregory discusses the pros and cons of annuities in this video. If you would like to submit a question that may be featured on the Wednesday Q&A, use the form below! We’re Here to Help Have questions about this week’s content, or need help with your financial plan? We’re here to help! Simply…

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Annuities: 10 Things You Must Know

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Not all annuities are alike, and some may not be appropriate for you. How much do you know about these investment products? Annuities aren’t new. The annuity concept dates back to early Rome, when citizens would make a lump-sum payment to a contract called an annua in exchange for income payments received once a year for…

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Can You Lose Money In An Annuity? Know These Two Things To Figure It Out

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Yes, annuities provide valuable tax-deferred growth. But for more than any other reason, annuities are valuable because of their guarantees. In an annuity, the insurer makes certain contractual guarantees that are not available in a traditional investment product. There are two things you need to know if you’re an annuity owner or considering a purchase…

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