How Couples Can Boost Their Overall Social Security Benefits

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Let’s say you’re married and your spouse is younger than you are. When’s the best time to file for and receive the highest-possible benefits? The quick answer: It depends. One easy way to max out benefits is for the higher-earning spouse to wait as long as possible to claim. You can file as early as…

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Social Security cost of living adjustment could be largest in nearly 4 decades

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2022 COLA could be highest paid since 1983 Social Security beneficiaries might be in for the highest cost of living adjustment (COLA) in nearly four decades, according to new projections. The latest estimate from nonpartisan senior advocacy group the Senior Citizens League puts the 2022 COLA, which will be announced in October, around 6.2%. “The estimate…

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We Need to Talk About Social Security: It’s Not Drying Up Any Time Soon

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Key Points Social Security’s main revenue source is expected to decline in the coming years. The program can tap its trust funds in the near term, but eventually, they’ll be depleted. While Social Security’s future is somewhat uncertain, the program won’t be shutting down anytime soon. Millions of seniors today get a large chunk of…

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3 Social Security Secrets to Boost Your Benefits

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Social Security benefits make up a substantial amount of income for millions of retirees, but your monthly checks were never designed to replace your income entirely during your senior years. Although Social Security was only intended to make up around 40% of pre-retirement income, nearly one-quarter of married couples and close to half of unmarried…

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Retirement: 5 things you need to know about Social Security spousal benefits

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On paper, Social Security’s spousal benefits might seem simple enough to understand. But that’s not the case according to Elaine Floyd, the director of retirement and life planning at Horsesmouth, a New York-based company that helps financial advisers advise clients and manage their practices. “What we seem to be dealing with the most these days…

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