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How to Save More Money Now

The Story While you’re doing your part to help flatten the curve (and catching up on TV you’ve missed since 2015), try kicking your savings into high gear. Tell me more. Uncertain times like these are why emergency funds are a thing. They can save the day if you lose your income or get an unexpected bill. Spend some…

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How to Pay Off Your Debt in Retirement

7 ideas to get that albatross off your neck Credit: Adobe While stepping into retirement might mean walking away from a job, many Americans are dragging financial baggage into this next stage: debt. In recent years, the amount of debt retirees carry has grown, and the numbers are troubling from both a monetary and emotional…

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The Tax Implications of Supporting Adult Children

There are a number of hurdles to clear before you can claim an adult kid as a dependent. “To claim your child as your dependent, they must be under age 19 or a full-time student under age 24.”(GETTY IMAGES) MANY, IF NOT MOST, empty nesters are probably glad to have their adult children return to live…

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Here’s how to maximize traditional and Roth retirement savings

KEY POINTS “Asset location” involves strategically putting your investments in accounts based on the type of tax treatment they will get. If you have money in both a traditional 401(k) plan or IRA and a Roth version, there may be ways you can maximize the differences in taxation to reduce the amount you’d owe in…

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Why You Need To Plan A ‘New’ Retirement Mindset Now

The old retirement mindset has been in place for generations. Pick an age and retire. One and done. That’s was so, well, 20th Century. Now people pre-retire, half-retire, return to the workforce — or never leave it. There are lots of options. The new retirement mindset is flexible, but like anything else in life, it’s…

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