Wednesday Q&A What if you have Federal AND State retirement benefits?

What if you have Federal AND State retirement benefits? John in Covington asks Gregory if there’s any issues he needs to know about between his Federal retirement, and taking a job with the State. Gregory explains how the two retirement systems work seamless, so when does he turn on Social Security? Do you have questions…

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6 steps to avoid running out of money in retirement

avoid running out of money in retirement

The pandemic has put a dent in many people’s financial lives, affecting their ability to save and stash away cash for retirement. Add the fact that more Americans are living longer, and the prospect of financial security in retirement for many is falling short. But if you’re concerned about running out of money in retirement,…

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3 withdrawal strategies to maximize your retirement plan in 2021

house and money

There are many changes in store for retirees in 2021. Under the Biden administration, we might see an increase in individual tax rates and other key tax policy changes that could have a direct impact on your retirement portfolio in years to come. We are also expecting to see increased stimulus measures as we continue…

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Are you worrying too much about running out of money in retirement?

retired gardening

Fear can keep you from getting the most out of retirement Many U.S. households retire without enough money to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. Once retired, though, people often reduce their spending enough to make their money last, according to a recent study by David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar, MORN, +0.54% and Warren Cormier,…

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Want to Save More? Tap Some Funds Early? Here Are 3 Retirement Savings Tricks.


Retirement savings accounts are governed by well-known rules on everything from income eligibility to contribution levels to the timing and size of withdrawals. But there are a number of financial-planning opportunities these accounts offer that often get overlooked because holders worry about taxes and penalties. While savers should be cautious about provisions that allow them…

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PODCAST41: Reilly’s Laws of Tax Planning

Links mentioned in episode: Gregory mentions the IRS Listed Transactions: Check out our complimentary download, Tax Strategies for Retirement below. If you have any questions please give us a call at 504-832-9200    

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Self-Employed? Here’s What You Need To Know About Retirement Planning

self employed

In 2019, more than 16 million American workers were self-employed. This year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced even more Americans to become their own bosses. Although there are positives to building your own business, juggling the responsibilities that come with it can make it difficult to plan for retirement. There are many reasons retirement plans are often pushed…

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Reilly’s Laws of Tax Planning

taxes and gold

As the War of The Ring, brought the long ignored hobbits and their pleasant Shire to the center of the concerns of Middle-earth, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brings forth from obscurity a band of otherwise meek and mostly happy and content modest creatures. That would be the small band of geeks, in every…

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