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Why You Need To Plan A ‘New’ Retirement Mindset Now

The old retirement mindset has been in place for generations. Pick an age and retire. One and done. That’s was so, well, 20th Century. Now people pre-retire, half-retire, return to the workforce — or never leave it. There are lots of options. The new retirement mindset is flexible, but like anything else in life, it’s…

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How scammers could use coronavirus scare to steal your money

The health of your wallet could be at risk as the new coronavirus spreads to new parts of the globe. Consumers are warned that they could soon be inundated with fake products, phony stock deals, fabricated emails, texts and social media posts that are designed to steal money and personal information. Fraudsters love to play…

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3 Keys to Long-Term Prosperity, Health, and Happiness

Prosperity should be everyone’s goal. Being prosperous means you have a life worth living. It means your internal and external worlds are congruent. GETTY IMAGES The definition of the word prosper is to: Succeed financially Flourish physically, to grow strong and healthy “Prosperity,” is far more than money, when you really think of the word. There is so much more…

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GPS The Guided Planning System®

Guided Planning System® Guides Retirement Satisfaction. You have worked tirelessly all these years and gained not only the accumulation of assets but the knowledge and experience that comes with those efforts.  Now that retirement may be approaching, an organized plan is necessary. You should not have to be stressed or worried about where the money…

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