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Financial Planning

5 Things To Know About The COVID-19 Stimulus Payments

The federal government is providing stimulus checks to Americans in the coming weeks. GETTY Editor’s note: The portion of this story related to claiming the stimulus payment based on you 2020 income has been clarified to make it clear that if you don’t get a check now, but qualify for a payment based on your…

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How to Take Advantage of New Estate Planning Opportunities Caused by the Coronavirus

A depressed market intersecting with the ongoing pandemic and current tax laws has given rise to potential tax benefits for those interested in reviewing their estate plans. The number of global coronavirus cases surpassed 900,000 on Wednesday—with more than 200,000 known infections, and a death toll that has quadrupled over the last week just in the United States. The health…

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Worried about a recession?

Recent fears of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has the American people and the markets on edge. We’ve seen significant market dips as the world tries to get a grasp on the situation, and the ongoing uncertainty and unending media coverage can make even the most confident individuals start to be concerned whether a recession is…

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How to Save More Money Now

The Story While you’re doing your part to help flatten the curve (and catching up on TV you’ve missed since 2015), try kicking your savings into high gear. Tell me more. Uncertain times like these are why emergency funds are a thing. They can save the day if you lose your income or get an unexpected bill. Spend some…

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When market drops, play long game with retirement savings

The stock market went on a punishing roller coaster ride this week, suffering its largest one-day drop in more than 30 years Thursday on concerns that the spread of COVID-19 will hit the global economy hard   FILE – In this Thursday, March 12, 2020, file photo, a board above the trading floor of the…

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How to Pay Off Your Debt in Retirement

7 ideas to get that albatross off your neck Credit: Adobe While stepping into retirement might mean walking away from a job, many Americans are dragging financial baggage into this next stage: debt. In recent years, the amount of debt retirees carry has grown, and the numbers are troubling from both a monetary and emotional…

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Recovering the Financial Costs of Caregiving

What to do when assisting a loved one socks your wallet Family caregivers open their hearts and their minds when caregiving for ailing loved ones. They often open their wallets, too. But there are a few ways you can try to recover the financial costs of caregiving, as experts explain below. According to the 2017…

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