Winning at Life Daily Wrap: 02.17.18

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Gregory explains how the next Gregory Ricks Live is coming up March 6 can change your financial future. Gregory and James talk about Trump and the new rules of retirement investing.

Gregory walks us through how to properly evaluate investing options according to your risk tolerance. One of the most overlooked hurdles in investing is liquidity. If you don’t know how you will get your money out, you probably shouldn’t put it in.

Estate Planning Attorney Wes Blanchard of the Total Wealth Authority is in studio for an hour. Cryptocurrency investors are leaving behind millions in inaccessible wealth as estate planning catches up to technology. Changes in the Tax Reform Bill are already having an effect in the legal world of estate planning.

The show is full of great callers as well covering issues like: if it’s better to donate your hosue to the kids or let it go through succession, how stock in the company plan is taxed, and how much work is required to qualify for Social Security credits.

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