Instead of searching for the perfect card, a standard gift, or just the right color of flowers for Mom this Mother’s Day, try something different that will really WOW her.

  1. Write a letter (yes, with pen and paper) expressing a favorite memory from your childhood.
  2. Create a no work day which means no cooking, yard work, or cleaning of any kind.
  3. Call or meet in person and really listen, without distractions, to whatever she wants to talk about for as long as she wants to talk.
  4. Go with Mom to a movie of her choice.
  5. Prepare her favorite meal and discuss why it is her favorite or where she got the recipe.

There are so many ways to express gratitude and “Thank You” is one of my favorites.

Thank you for the trust you have placed with Gregory Ricks & Associates and we wish a heartfelt Mother’s Day to all.


  • The above material was prepared by Peak Advisor Alliance.