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Are forgivable loans the best option for your business?

“Did you hear? The SBA is giving away free money in the form of forgivable loans that small businesses don’t have to repay! This is a no-brainer, right?! What am I missing here?” Not so fast… Many small business owners across the country have probably heard one variation of the above quote—whether from friends, business…

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Worried about a recession?

Recent fears of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has the American people and the markets on edge. We’ve seen significant market dips as the world tries to get a grasp on the situation, and the ongoing uncertainty and unending media coverage can make even the most confident individuals start to be concerned whether a recession is…

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Beware Scam Robocalls, Texts Tied to COVID-19 Outbreak

FCC launches web page with coronavirus fraud safety tips Scammers out to make a quick buck during the coronavirus pandemic are using robocalls to tout bogus cures and fake test kits, the federal government warns. The illicit conduct — which also includes text messaging — has bad actors preying on people’s fears while anxiety over COVID-19 is…

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How to Apply for Small Business Loans Under the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

The aid package provides $349 billion to guarantee loans to small businesses. Here’s how it will work based on the bill approved by the Senate. Small businesses have been hit hard. PHOTO: KHOLOOD EID FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL WASHINGTON—The sweeping coronavirus aid package set for a House vote Friday provides $349 billion for the Small Business…

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Wednesday Q&A: How can I max out my Social Security check?

How can I make the most out of my social security benefits? Check out this video where Gregory gives you ways to help max out your social security check. How do I plan for unexpected expenses? As a starting point, we typically recommend that our clients maintain an emergency reserve of about 3-6 months’ worth of…

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3 Ways Your Grown Children Can Help You Plan for Retirement

Talking things over together can make your transition easier Two years ago, my then 39-year-old brother, mom and I went on a vacation in Hawaii (my parents are divorced and my dad has since remarried). The trip coincided with my mom, then in her late ‘60s, entering semi-retirement. After working two full-time jobs as a…

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Teaching financial education in schools finally catches on

Research shows that kids who learn to manage money when they’re young will be able to better handle their finances as adults. Yet, up until recently, only 17 states required high school students to take a class in personal finance. Now, a new report from the Council for Economic Education found that the number of states that require a high…

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Missed the Boat on Medicare Enrollment? Sign Up Now.

Medicare’s general enrollment period lets you sign up for coverage if you didn’t do so when you first got the chance. Medicare provides critical health benefits to millions of seniors, and those benefits kick in once you turn 65. In fact, your initial window to sign up for Medicare starts three months before the month of your 65th…

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Can You Fund a Roth IRA After Filing Your Taxes?

You can contribute to a Roth IRA after filing your taxes and you don’t even need to amend your return to do so. If you’ve ever used online software to file your taxes, you may have noticed a question that pops up: “Have you made or do you plan to make contributions to a Roth IRA…

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