IRS offers guidance on employee retention credit and PPP eligibility

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The Internal Revenue Service released guidance Monday for employers claiming the employee retention credit for 2020 and how it relates to eligibility for the Paycheck Protection Program. The guidance in Notice 2021-20 echoes the information the IRS has already provided in its employee retention credit FAQs, but includes some clarifications and discusses the retroactive changes to the CARES…

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Problem Solved: PPP Recipients Can Deduct Payroll Expenses

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The controversy over the deductibility of payroll expenses by Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan recipients has finally been settled, less than a week before the end of the year. Deductibility is expressly provided for in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. That 5,500+ page legislation was passed by the House and the Senate on Monday, Dec. 21. President…

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The Bidens and China Business


The story won’t go away without explanation, even if the Veep wins. Most of the media is ignoring the emails found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t news. Joe Biden has an obligation to answer questions about his son’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China. The New York Post…

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This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic

This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic It’s not R. There’s something strange about this coronavirus pandemic. Even after months of extensive research by the global scientific community, many questions remain open.Why, for instance, was there such an enormous death toll in northern Italy, but not the rest of the country? Just three…

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Many older workers entered the pandemic with little saved toward retirement. Here’s how they can improve their finances now

KEY POINTS A lot of older workers do not have a pension or 401(k) plan to draw money from when they retire. Many approaching retirement often have meager savings — just $88,000. If that’s you, there are steps you can take to help you live more comfortably later. Many people’s retirement dreams received a reality check following the…

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