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Retirees Get a Break on IRA Distributions

By GRA News Blog | June 9, 2020
retirement planning

The IRS is expected to come out with additional guidance, but here’s what we know so far. The coronavirus stimulus package, known as the CARES…

Congress Agrees On Favorable Changes To Paycheck Protection Loans: What Does It Mean For Borrowers?

By GRA News Blog | June 8, 2020
Paycheck protection loans

Earlier today, the Senate unanimously approved H.R. 7010, a bill that will dramatically alter several critical terms of the recently-enacted Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The…

Goldman Sachs Believes Stock Market Will Drop by 18%

By GRA News Blog | June 8, 2020
stock market drops

(Market Review) Pointing to several current issues that by themselves would normally weigh on stocks significantly, Goldman sees us giving back 18% of recent stock…

2 billion doses of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine will be available after a new deal that included $750m from Bill Gates, AstraZeneca says

By GRA News Blog | June 5, 2020
covid vaccine

A patient enrolled in a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial receives an injection, May 4, 2020. University of Maryland School of Medicine/AP Photo The global supply of…

Wednesday Q&A – How can you deal with estate planning when you have a blended family?

By GRA News Blog | June 3, 2020

How can you deal with estate planning when you have a blended family? Gregory and James discuss some of the complexities that come with estate…

Tax Day is coming soon. What you need for July 15

By GRA News Blog | June 3, 2020
tax day

KEY POINTS Earlier this spring, the Treasury Department moved the deadline for 2019 individual income tax returns to July 15. Other deadlines, including the June…

4 Reasons Your Taxes In Retirement May Be Lower Than You Think

By GRA News Blog | June 2, 2020

  One of the most common mistakes I see people make is overestimating their tax rate in retirement. This is important for a couple of reasons.…

Took a 401(k) Withdrawal? 3 Things You Should Do Now

By GRA News Blog | May 29, 2020
thinking on the bench

Take these steps to protect against unpleasant surprises now and in retirement. Over the past few months, a lot of people’s financial goals have shifted.…

On The Retirement Crisis, We’ve Heard It All Before

By GRA News Blog | May 29, 2020
relaxing on the dock

“A groundbreaking new study holds troubling news for millions of Americans now nearing retirement age,” pronounces an influential Washington, DC think tank. The study, authored…

How To Build A Backup Plan If Covid-19 Forces You Into Early Retirement

By GRA News Blog | May 29, 2020
wondering about early retirement

Despite 40 million people filing for unemployment benefits since the start of the pandemic, there are a number of sectors that haven’t shown their full extent of…