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The No. 1 thing that can improve the retirement security of older workers

By GRA News Blog | January 24, 2022

Ready for today’s retirement investing pop quiz? Are you prepared for retirement? Will your money last? In this article, MarketWatch discusses what you can do to improve your chances of not running out of money in retirement.   Enjoy this complimentary download: By submitting your contact information, you consent to be contacted regarding retirement income strategies that…

This Dire Stock Market Warning Is ‘Fake News,’ Analysts Say

By GRA News Blog | November 9, 2019

Worries of an ETF bubble persist even as exchange traded funds soar in popularity. But two ETF professionals say they have proof the biggest worries about ETFs are “fake news.” Do ETFs threaten the market’s structure by making it too easy to pile into — or bail out of — the same stocks or bonds at lightning…

How much you’ll need to save monthly to retire with $5 million

By GRA News Blog | November 8, 2019

Five-million dollars sounds like a lot of money. And for the 22% of Americans who say they have less than $5,000 set aside for retirement, saving that much may seem like an impossible goal. But what if you could retire with $5 million by the time you were 67? The good news is that it is…

How to Take Advantage of 401(k) Catch-Up Contributions

By GRA News Blog | November 7, 2019

The 401(k) Catch-Up Contribution Limit for 2019 WHEN YOU TURN 50, YOU become eligible to contribute more money to your 401(k) plan. The tax deduction you can claim on these catch-up contributions could save you over $1,000 on your annual tax bill. Here’s how to take advantage of 401(k) catch-up contributions: Workers can defer paying income tax on…

The Worst Financial Mistake A Car Buyer Can Make

By GRA News Blog | November 4, 2019

The prospect of paying too much for a new vehicle often fills shoppers with dread, which explains why so many invest hours researching prices, trade-in values and interest rates. But while getting a good deal is important, it does not guarantee immunity from making the costliest financial mistake: purchasing the wrong vehicle and selling it…

Winning At Life: Social Security Quiz

By GRA News Blog | November 1, 2019

Gregory Ricks gives James Parker a pop quiz that most people fail: How well do you know the basics of Social Security? Test your knowledge with this great video!

5 Sources of Retirement Income That Aren’t Taxable

By GRA News Blog | November 1, 2019

Keep more of your money during your golden years by incorporating these into your retirement plan. Just as taxes are a huge burden for working Americans, they can also be a drain on seniors’ limited resources. If you’re worried about affording your golden years, it pays to set yourself up with a number of income…

7 retirement saving mistakes financial advisers see too often

By GRA News Blog | November 1, 2019

Saving for retirement is confusing – it’s no surprise we make mistakes along the way. Luckily, there are strategies to get back on track. Below, financial planners share the most common mistakes, and how they help their clients recover. 1. Failing to create a plan A retirement plan is one of the best ways to…

Affluent Millennials Don’t Think They’ll Retire By 65

By GRA News Blog | October 30, 2019

According to New Investopedia Study, Affluent Millennials Aren’t Investing Enough, and They Know It Investopedia (, one of the world’s largest financial and investing websites, announced findings from a recent survey, which found that nearly half of affluent millennials say they think they will be forced to work beyond retirement age. While millennials see investing as…

Should You Convert Your 401k to a ROTH IRA?

By GRA News Blog | October 30, 2019

Should you convert your IRA or 401k to a Roth IRA?    You may have a traditional IRA or 401k that allows you to make tax-free contributions, but you will have to pay taxes on that money when you make withdrawals in retirement.  You could avoid paying potentially high tax rates on your money by…

GPS The Guided Planning System®

By GRA News Blog | October 28, 2019

Guided Planning System® Guides Retirement Satisfaction. You have worked tirelessly all these years and gained not only the accumulation of assets but the knowledge and experience that comes with those efforts.  Now that retirement may be approaching, an organized plan is necessary. You should not have to be stressed or worried about where the money…