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What Is Gap Insurance and How Does It Work?

By GRA News Blog | March 17, 2023

Gap insurance is just what it sounds like: a policy you can purchase during your auto loan to protect your financial future should something happen…

Does dropping an AirTag in your luggage actually help? ‘It takes two to get your item back’

By GRA News Blog | March 16, 2023

With the long lines and delays that are becoming all too common, some travelers rely on smart luggage to protect their bags from mishaps.  …

Here’s how much the average American 60-year-old holds in retirement savings — how does your nest egg compare?

By GRA News Blog | March 14, 2023

In a year in which they’re supposed to be celebrating their most important birthdays, even American retirees — the recently retired, that is — may…

As Social Security’s full retirement age moves to 67, some experts say it should not go higher

By GRA News Blog | March 13, 2023

Some experts, however, say that raising the retirement age to 70 would harm workers who are unprepared for it and potentially hurt the economy. They…

The High Price Retirees Pay for Collecting Social Security Too Early

By GRA News Blog | March 8, 2023

If there’s one thing retirees agree on, it’s that they’d like to make their Social Security benefits last as long as possible. The best way…

What you need to know about next year’s $600 reporting rule from the IRS

By GRA News Blog | March 8, 2023

The Internal Revenue Service has postponed the implementation of the new $600 rule to avoid confusion. In the near future, tax forms may be sent…

How to Negotiate With Creditors to Reduce Your Debt

By GRA News Blog | March 7, 2023

Debt is a major financial burden for millions of Americans. It weighs down consumers to the point that debt can eliminate future possibilities for years…

You can avoid paying surprise taxes by picking the best investment accounts. Here’s how

By GRA News Blog | March 6, 2023

Whether you want to trim your yearly tax bill, or simply want to avoid surprising taxes, picking the best investment accounts can be a good…

The Last-Minute Retirement Plan Moves That Can Cut Your Tax Bill

By GRA News Blog | March 3, 2023

Whether you’re looking for tax-deductible ways to pad your cash flow or ways to reduce your taxable income before tax day, here are some last-minute…

Here’s how to buy Treasury bills as some yields reach 5%, according to financial experts

By GRA News Blog | March 2, 2023

If Treasury bills, or T-bills, have been on your radar for investment, experts say now may be  a good time to buy. Interest rates have…