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The average American starts saving for retirement at this age

By GRA News Blog | January 8, 2020

The sooner you start saving for retirement, the more opportunity you’ll have to build a solid nest egg without having to…

Identity Fraud Hits All Time High With 16.7 Million U.S. Victims in 2017, According to New Javelin Strategy & Research Study

By GRA News Blog | September 20, 2022

With identity fraud at an all-time high, according to a 2018 Identity Fraud Study released by Javelin Strategy and Research, what can you do to…

Legacy Planning Can Be Tricky. How to Divide Your Estate and Keep Heirs Happy.

By GRA News Blog | September 19, 2022

Creating a legacy plan is not just for the wealthy! According to this Barron’s article, creating an estate plan has the possibility to instill strong…

To Withdraw Money From an IRA Without a Penalty, Try a ‘72(t)’ Plan—but Carefully

By GRA News Blog | September 16, 2022

Do you need to pull money from your IRA and you are under 59 1/2, there are some exceptions that may allow you to do…

A Big, Fat Raise to Social Security Is Coming—but Will It Be Enough?

By GRA News Blog | September 15, 2022

With a large cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) coming to Social Security benefits next year, many are still asking if this will be enough to combat inflation…

Planning to Retire in the Next 3-5 Years? What to Consider Today

By GRA News Blog | September 13, 2022

 As the retirement window approaches, this Kiplinger article showcases some of the big ticket items that should be at the forefront of your mind.  …

Confused about inherited IRA rules? Here’s what to know

By GRA News Blog | September 12, 2022

Inherited IRAs can be intended as a gift, but what if they cause more chaos than relief? With new changes coming to the tax law,…

12 grocery and food savings tips to take with you on your next shopping trip

By GRA News Blog | September 9, 2022

Inflation has hit everyone differently but one way that it has affected us all is at the grocery store. Good Morning America shares some tips…

Rules for Roth IRAs: Can you have more than one?

By GRA News Blog | September 8, 2022

With Roth IRAs coming with so many tax advantages, is it possible to be utilizing more than one in your retirement plan? In this article,…

Retirees beware: Here are 4 highly common ways you can lose or reduce your Social Security benefits — and how to protect yourself now

By GRA News Blog | September 6, 2022

Many Americans are worried about relying too much on their Social Security benefit to fund their retirement plans. In this article, MoneyWise has different tips…

Retirement Planning Tips for the Self-Employed

By GRA News Blog | September 5, 2022

Without the support of an HR department, retirement planning as a self-employed individual can be more difficult according to this Entrepreneur article.     Enjoy…