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Inherited IRA: How It Works & Distribution Rules

By GRA News Blog | June 24, 2022

What’s an inherited IRA and how does it work? This article by Nerd Wallet discusses withdrawal rules and taxes.   Enjoy this complimentary download: By…

Seniors Should Pick a Financial Ally Before Cognitive Decline Hits. Here’s How.

By GRA News Blog | June 23, 2022

Seniors often wait too long to simplify their finances and communicate their financial goals. In this article by MarketWatch, statistics illustrate why seniors should have…

5 Steps Retirees Need To Take Now To Avoid Paying Too Much In Taxes

By GRA News Blog | June 21, 2022

Saving for retirement is important, but how and where you save is equally important. Travel Awaits discusses what you should consider to help your money…

Are You Ready for Retirement? 5 Things You Should Think About First

By GRA News Blog | June 20, 2022

According to Kiplinger, if you’re nearing retirement, you should consider these five important factors first.   Enjoy this complimentary download: By submitting your contact information,…

3 Retirement Investment Mistakes Older Seniors Should Avoid

By GRA News Blog | June 17, 2022

As you get older, it becomes more and more important to avoid making mistakes with your money. Nasdaq gives three mistakes that seniors should try…

5 Unexpected Insights from Your Tax Return

By GRA News Blog | June 14, 2022

The tax deadline is behind us, but don’t put your return away just yet. This Kiplinger article gives five common areas to consider when reviewing…

Over 20% of 401(k) plan funds are lost or forgotten—here’s how to reclaim yours

By GRA News Blog | June 13, 2022

If you’re not at your old job, your old 401(k) shouldn’t be either. Learn how to find your old 401(k) in this article by CNBC.…

Wednesday Q&A: Should I Continue to Contribute to My Retirement Plan in a Down Market?

By GRA News Blog | June 8, 2022

Should I Continue to Contribute to My Retirement Plan in a Down Market? Enjoy this clip from Winning at Life where Gregory answers Karen’s questions…

How Does Early Retirement Affect Social Security?

By GRA News Blog | June 7, 2022

Retiring early may be appealing for some, but there are some drawbacks. In this article, SmartAsset discusses what early retirement could mean for you.  …

Roth IRA conversion: 7 things to know

By GRA News Blog | June 6, 2022

Roth IRAs have benefits like tax-free growth potential and tax-free withdrawals in retirement, but is a Roth IRA right for you? Fidelity lists 7 things…