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Smart Retirement Planning Takes More than Saying I Do

By Gregory Ricks | March 3, 2017

By GREGORY RICKS, Founder and CEO | Gregory Ricks & Associates March 2017 Couples need healthy communication to be on the same page, and women have a vital role to play in the process. When couples plan their retirement, they should take into account a simple fact of life: On average, women live longer than men. A…

Retiring Early Is Looking Easier. Here’s How to Do It With No Regrets.

By gregoryricks | November 22, 2021
retire early

Jeffrey Grimley managed to keep his dentistry practice open through much of the pandemic, putting in a restricted schedule for longtime patients. But when one of his best employees had to quit to attend to child-care needs because of Covid-19, Grimley decided to sell his practice in the Chicago suburbs two years earlier than planned…

Some signs indicate Federal Reserve is already behind the curve on lifting rates, says Deutsche Bank strategist

By gregoryricks | November 19, 2021
federal reserve

Some labor-market indicators suggest that Federal Reserve policy makers are already behind on lifting interest rates, and supply shocks coursing through the U.S. economy would need to dissipate quickly for officials “not to be too far behind the curve,” says Deutsche Bank strategist Francis Yared. Those shocks are impacting both U.S. inflation and the labor…

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Ensure Your Money Will Last in Retirement

By gregoryricks | November 18, 2021
seniors driving a car happy

Your retirement plan needs to take a holistic approach. Because there are so many decisions to make, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. Follow these six signposts to find your way. If you’re within six months or so of retirement, there are certain things you need to do now to help prepare yourself…

8 Things to Know When Choosing a Medicare Plan

By gregoryricks | November 17, 2021

The choices can be confusing, and the fine print is important. But it’s crucial to choose wisely, because it may be hard to change your mind. When most Americans turn 65, they have three basic options for health coverage: traditional Medicare; Medicare plus supplemental insurance to cover costs that Medicare doesn’t; or Medicare Advantage, a…

7 Changes to Social Security in 2022

By gregoryricks | November 16, 2021
social security

From what beneficiaries receive monthly to what workers could owe in payroll tax, big changes are on the way for America’s top retirement program. Key Points A few days ago, the Social Security Administration released a laundry list of changes to the program that’ll take effect in 2022. Beneficiaries are set to receive their biggest…

The messy math of Social Security, spousal benefits and when to claim

By gregoryricks | November 15, 2021
chess game

The good news and bad news: Your Social Security benefit calculation is based on more than your lifetime earnings Life can be complicated — Social Security tries to make up for that. The amount that a person is entitled to when it comes to claiming Social Security goes beyond just what they’ve earned over a…

Tax Moves to Make Before the End of the Year to Lower Your Bill

By gregoryricks | November 12, 2021
calculator and taxes

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time to consider moves that will lower your 2021 tax bill and hopefully position you for tax savings in future years too. This column is Part One of my two-part list of suggested year-end strategies. But first, we need to address the big uncertainties about what…

Even If You Already Have Medicare, Don’t You Dare Skip Open Enrollment

By gregoryricks | November 11, 2021
man working

It’s the perfect time to think about what’s changed in your life and with your health care plan. After looking at these four issues, you might find there is a better option for you. Medicare Open Enrollment is here! It’s your chance to review your coverage and see if you can save money next year. This…

3 Essential Tax Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

By GRA News Blog | November 10, 2021
working on computer

You can lower your IRS burden for the year if you take these key steps now. Key Points It’s never a bad time to think about lowering your taxes. These moves could leave you owing the IRS less in 2021. It’s mid-October, which means that at this point, you may be up to your ears…

Medicare open enrollment starts soon. Here’s why you should pay attention

By GRA News Blog | November 8, 2021
medicare enrollment

KEY POINTS Medicare’s fall open enrollment period starts Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. This is generally for changes related to Medicare Advantage Plans or prescription drug coverage: You can add, drop or switch them. Here’s what to expect this year. Sure, there are probably more entertaining things to do than review your Medicare…