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The Ricks Report – January 17, 2017

By Gregory Ricks | January 17, 2017

The Ricks Report January 17, 2017 Numbers of $ignificance FEWER COLLEGE STUDENTS – There were 0 million college students during the fall of 2016 (both undergrads and grad students), the 5th consecutive year (2012-2016) that the total number of students has declined on a year-over-year basis (source: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center).                    MOST EVER…

Want to Avoid Paying Taxes on Social Security? Here’s How

By GRA News Blog | May 11, 2021

Throughout your working life, you pay taxes to earn Social Security benefits. That’s why it comes as such a surprise to many retirees that taxes don’t stop once you start collecting checks. In fact, a report from Senior Citizens League found around half of all Social Security beneficiaries owe federal taxes on their money. And it’s…

‘Death taxes’: Do I have to pay taxes when I inherit money? Strategy for 401(k)s and IRAs on inheritance

By GRA News Blog | May 10, 2021

You have just received an inheritance. What do you do now? You could spend it on some extravagance, but you would be better off doing two things first: assessing the tax ramifications and thinking about some investment options. “Death taxes” are somewhat misunderstood, as people can find the two types of death taxes confusing. Estate…

Whether you’re retiring in 30 years or 5 years, you still need to do this one thing religiously

By GRA News Blog | May 5, 2021

Asset allocation can make or break a retirement savings goal in the future Investing is a crucial part of accumulating enough money in retirement — and the best results come with proper asset allocation. Retirement tip of the week: Check the asset allocation of your retirement portfolios, and if you’ve done it recently, make it…

Confused about Social Security — including spousal benefits, claiming strategies and how death and divorce affect your monthly income?

By GRA News Blog | May 5, 2021

Social Security claiming — like life — can be complicated Claiming Social Security can be complex. Social Security benefits depend on numerous factors — wage history, age at claiming, if there’s a spouse with a higher benefit. Because life is typically not straightforward, there may be other scenarios that further confuse individuals who are deciding…

Wednesday Q&A Can you roll over IRA money into a teacher’s pension?

By GRA News Blog | May 5, 2021

Can you roll over IRA money into a teacher’s pension? In this segment, Gregory helps answer a Winning at Life caller’s questions about rollover IRAs and teacher’s pensions. Do you have questions for Gregory? Press the ASK GREGORY below and your question could be featured next! ASK GREGORY We’re Here to Help Have questions about…

Self-Directed IRA: An Exotic Investment Grocery Store

By GRA News Blog | May 4, 2021

This type of retirement account is meant for non-traditional types of investments, and the pitfalls can be costly. By Andy Ives The term “self-directed IRA” can be confusing, given that account owners choose whichever stock or mutual fund they want to buy within their IRA, and how much to purchase and how much to sell. A…

Warren Buffett’s 25 best quotes about business, investing, and life

By GRA News Blog | May 3, 2021

Need some advice? Legendary investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B) Warren Buffett has plenty to share. Through his letters, essays, op-eds and TV appearances, Buffett dispenses folksy, funny, plainspoken advice on investing, management, life, happiness, and everything in between. On Saturday May 1, Buffett and his longtime business partner Charlie Munger will share more…

Here’s how to handle the complicated rules for an inherited 401(k) or IRA

By GRA News Blog | April 30, 2021

KEY POINTS If the original account owner died on Jan. 1, 2020, or later, only certain beneficiaries can stretch withdrawals across their lifetime. Others need to deplete inherited retirement accounts within 10 years of the death. Here are the details. So you inherited a retirement account. Before you make any decisions on when and how…

Kamara’s financial savviness breaks from a sad NFL archetype

By GRA News Blog | April 29, 2021

NFL players like Warren Sapp, Vince Young, Bernie Kosar, Clinton Portis, and Lawrence Taylor made multi million dollar fortunes playing football, and then lost it all. Alvin Kamara is part of a new generation of superstars who refuse to make the same mistakes. Maybe you have heard the statistics about professional athletes losing entire fortunes…

Retiring soon? Why the popular 4% withdrawal rule may be a bad idea

By GRA News Blog | April 28, 2021

A booming stock market and high long-term unemployment among seniors may lead some Americans to consider retirement. But market peaks are generally the riskiest time to retire, according to researchers. Of course, it’s impossible to tell when another pullback will occur. Those who do retire may want to reconsider adhering to the 4% rule for…