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Archive for February 2020

China gets back to work as number of new COVID-19 cases wanes

Several economic metrics tick upward in the country where the coronavirus crisis began as the rest of the world begins to cope Associated Press A worker in overalls screen for fever at the entrance to a supermarket in Beijing on Thursday. Signs of life are emerging in China’s coronavirus-stricken economy — even as the epidemic…

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Wednesday Q & A: When Should I Turn On Social Security?

When should I turn on Social Security? Check out this video to learn about your “Energy Years” and if you have enough money saved for retirement. What is the minimum required distributions (RMD) from my IRA? With the passing of the new Secure Act of 2019, the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) starting age has been raised to age…

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2020 Stock Market Outlook!

From record market highs to political lows, 2019 was full of drama in the U.S. and abroad.  Let’s look at the events of 2019 and explore where things are headed for 2020. AE Wealth Management 2020 Market Outlook! Download the full report at the link below the video. Watch the video or get the full,…

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Wednesday Q & A: How Do I Rebuild My Credit?

When I retire, should I open a medical savings account, or should I have one before that? Health Savings Accounts & Medical Savings Accounts (essentially the same thing, with MSAs being restricted to self-employed persons or employees of small businesses) are great. As far as when you should start contributing, the same holds true here…

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What You Need to Know About the Holiday Inn Retirement Plan

A Texas man made headlines when he announced that instead of moving to a retirement home in his old age, he’d spend his days at various Holiday Inns around the world. How does he plan to do this, and why? Get the breakdown here. How The Plan Works Terry Robinson’s plan is just to move…

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