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Archive for January 2020

What You Should Know About Variable Annuities

Many people are sold a variable annuity with the understanding they will receive a lifetime income stream, which sounds like a good idea when planning for retirement. The truth is there usually is a big price to pay when it comes to variable annuities. The biggest drawbacks include the fees and the potential to lose value…

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CBS News: U.S. cracking down on Social Security fraud

U.S. cracking down on Social Security fraud. With Americans losing millions of dollars to scam robocalls, the DOJ is filing for temporary restraining orders against U.S. telecom giants allegedly facilitating the calls. The Senate is holding a hearing Wednesday to look into Social Security fraud, the No. 1 scam in America. Anna Werner has more…

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Missed the Boat on Medicare Enrollment? Sign Up Now.

Medicare’s general enrollment period lets you sign up for coverage if you didn’t do so when you first got the chance. Medicare provides critical health benefits to millions of seniors, and those benefits kick in once you turn 65. In fact, your initial window to sign up for Medicare starts three months before the month of your 65th…

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Can You Fund a Roth IRA After Filing Your Taxes?

You can contribute to a Roth IRA after filing your taxes and you don’t even need to amend your return to do so. If you’ve ever used online software to file your taxes, you may have noticed a question that pops up: “Have you made or do you plan to make contributions to a Roth IRA…

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2020 Tech Trends of the 50+

Older Adults Keep Pace on Tech Usage Older Americans are increasingly drawn to new technology, according to a new AARP national survey, but they often do not take full advantage of their devices, and they are concerned about privacy issues online. In the past year, 51 percent of older Americans say they bought some tech…

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The SECURE Act and You

Gregory Ricks on January 14, 2020 Does the SECURE Act have you worried about your retirement income? The new law the President signed late last year, formally titled “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act,” went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020 and it could bring some changes to your retirement plan. Here are some highlights:…

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12 Best States for Retirement: 2020

For most Americans, retirement generally occurs at the time they can start receiving Social Security or retirement benefits, according to a report released Monday by WalletHub, a personal finance website. For those whose finances in retirement is a big concern, relocating to a state that lets them keep more money without requiring a major lifestyle change…

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How To Find A Full-Time Job When You’re Over 50

With unemployment at all-time lows, now might be the best time for you to be looking for a full-time job. The challenges, however, are greater if you’re over 50 years old. According to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average it takes those 55 to 64 two weeks…

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