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Archive for November 25, 2019

Robocall Scams Exist Because They Work—One Woman’s Story Shows How

A caller impersonating an FBI agent persuaded Nina Belis to drain close to $340,000 from her bank accounts The FBI agent sounded official on the phone. He gave Nina Belis his badge number and a story about how her identity had been compromised. She gave him her life’s savings. For most Americans, robocalls are an annoyance.…

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Beware of Black Friday email scams, say experts

Fake websites, fake products and fake apps are ready and waiting to snag shoppers this holiday season, according to experts.  “Every year at this time, email-based scams rise to a fever pitch,” Dave Baggett, co-founder and CEO of the anti-phishing startup Inky, told Fox News. One reason scams are so prolific is, Baggett said, bad guys keep churning out…

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