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Winning at Life Daily Wrap: 02.06.18

It was an unusually volatile rollercoaster day on Wall Street. Bitcoin is about 60% off its high from December. Terry in Virginia is new to investing and asks Gregory to evaluate a stock tip about a startup. Gregory has a quick quiz to see if you know the basics of Social Security.

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The Ricks Report – February 5, 2018

The Ricks Report February 5, 2018   NUMBERS OF $IGNIFICANCE $ REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTIONS – If you turned age 70 ½ sometime in 2017, then you must begin taking annual withdrawals from your IRA accounts no later than 4/01/18. If you delay your 1st withdrawal until 4/01/18, you must also take a 2nd distribution by…

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Winning at Life Daily Wrap: 02.05.18

The Dow sets a record for the biggest intra-day drop in history, but recovers some of that ground and finished down a big 4.6%. We review what some of the popular reactions are, and how this drop fits into the recent history of market corrections.

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Winning at Life Daily Wrap: 02.01.18

Gregory Ricks and James discuss the idea of Amazon replacing GE in the Dow. Gregory reports on another giant Bitcoin theft. Matthew in Fairhope, AL is being offered both a 401k and Roth 401k at work. Ivan from Little Rock wants Gregory’s thoughts on his retirement plans for next year.

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