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Winning at Life: Bar Tab Metaphor for Trump Tax Reforms

Gregory Ricks and James Parker review a metaphor about splitting up a bar tab that tries to illustrate the similar nature of President Trump’s tax reform. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells the parable to the media at a press conference, so how accurate is the comparison?

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How to Take Advantage of Tax Reform Before Year's End

by: Jude Heath CPA 6 tax savings ideas to consider before year’s end 1. Pay your 2018 property taxes early If your state and local taxes will be greater than $10,000, pay the excess by December 31st, leaving $10,000 to deduct in 2018. 2. Make an extra mortgage payment Make your January mortgage payment in…

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The Ricks Report – January 8, 2018

The Ricks Report January 8, 2018   NUMBERS OF $IGNIFICANCE $  NOT EXACTLY – USA Today writer Kelly Kennedy predicted in a 5/22/13 article that “market forces and an impetus to attract younger, healthier people into the insurance market will help keep health insurance premiums lower as the Affordable Care Act takes effect on 1/01/14”…

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